What is the best area to settle in Karuizawa?  Tokyu Resort would like to give a tip to those who are looking to settle in, not to have a vacation house.

As introduced in our past issues, Karuizawa has been known for its traditional summer retreat for affluent people for decades. Easy access to Tokyo, just one hour train by Shinkansen, allows approximately 500 people who purchased their second houses in Karuizawa to be able to enjoy the summer months with their family in Karuizawa and commute to work by Shinkansen. Once summer is over, they move back to their primary residences in Tokyo.  Karuizawa becomes so quiet after the summer has gone, and trendy restaurants in Kauizawa-Ginza will most likely close in winter.
If you are looking to purchase a house to settle in, we will recommend properties from different perspective.

For those who are looking to buy a property for summer retreat, please refer to some of our past issues, “The Many Faces of Karuizawa”, or “On Promoting Karuizawa.”


Important factors before considering settlement in Karuizawa

(1) Location suitable for settlement

There are several areas in Karuizawa, and each area has different aspects in terms of weather and geography.  Areas with “low humidity” and “level ground” would be preferable when considering settlement in Karuizawa.
Karuizawa in general is well known for its high humidity, and it takes long time to dry your laundry compared to other cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. In worse case, internal walls of the house may get mold if you fail to turn on your dehumidifier while you are out of town.  Uneven area/land makes it harder to drive a car in winter due to snowfall or frozen roads in Karuizawa.

(2) Tips on area selection

When buying a house to settle in Karuizawa, you may need to keep a happy balance between “atmosphere of “Karuizawa” and “convenience of living.”
Karuizawa is renowned for summer retreat with rich nature and trendy restaurants. However, the high-end resort areas such as Kyu-karuizawa and Naka-karuizawa provide less convenience of living due to the lack of hospital or school nearby. On the other hand, there are many supermarkets, home centers, and hospitals in the areas like Naka-karuizawa-minami, West-karuizawa, or Oiwake area.

Map of Karuizawa


The recommended areas for settlement in Karuizawa

(1) Naka-karuizawa-minami: for those who enjoy many kinds of recreations

This area is located on the south of Naka-karuizawa Station, which provides easy access to both JR Karuizawa station (Shinkansen) and Prince shopping mall. It is also close to Minami-karuizawa which includes some golf courses. There are large supermarkets, convenience stores and hospitals in this area, and you can enjoy museum and historical monuments in Taliesin of Shiozawa area.

Karuizawa Taliesin Suikyusou


(2) Uenohara: for those who love nature

Situated in the northern part of Naka-karuizawa station, there are popular facilities such as Harunire Terrace and Hoshino Onsen Tombo-no-yu. It features a lot of greenery and rich in nature. you can enjoy Royal Prince Street beautifully tree-lined from Route 18 to Sengataki area. This area can be recommended not only for those who are looking to buy a second house but for those who plan to settle in Karuizawa.

Royal Prince Street


(3) Ohinata: for those who value the convenience of living

Ohinata is located in the northern part of Route 18, between Oiwake and Naka-karuizawa.
As this area is open to south, it is sunny and less humidity. The nearest station is Shinano Oiwake station, and there are convenience stores, nursery schools and primary school. It provides easy access to Saku area that has large supermarkets. Whereas most part of Karuizawa is classified as “Category 1 low-rise exclusive residential area” in which the minimum extent of land is 1,000 m², you can find relatively smaller land lots as well as budget-friendly houses in this area since it is classified as “Category 1 residential area.”

Asama Fureai Park


(4) Oiwake: for those who enjoy the taste of old days

Located in the westernmost Karuizawa, Oiwake used to serve as a post town in Edo Period, and you can still see what it was like; this is quite unique as opposed to other modern areas.
You can have a convenient life in Oiwake as it has easy access to Saku area by using highway at Sakudaira Smart IC avoiding a traffic jam in the center of Karuizawa.
A number of small and budget-friendly houses are available here similar to Ohinata.
You can find properties for sale within walking distance from the nearest station, Shinano-Oiwake station.

Atmosphere of post-town


How was it?  If you have any questions about properties in Karuizawa, please feel free to ask us.

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