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We would like to introduce our new listing “Kagura Mitsumata Cottage”, a ski accommodation for sale in Kagura ski area that is owned and operated by an Australian family.
Here are 5 interview questions and answers:

1. Interview Q&As to the owner:  “Kagura is a three in one ski resort.” 

Question one: 

Could you give us an introduction to the Kagura Mitsumata ski area, for those who are not familiar with the area?

Mitsumata Ropeway

The Kagura area encompasses Kagura, Mitsumata and Tashiro. The easiest access to the ski resort is via the Mitsumata Ropeway, which is across the Mitsumata carpark from the hotel. From the Tashiro area skiers can also access the Naeba area via the Dragondela therefore opening up a 4 area to skiers.

The Kagura, Mitsumata and Tashiro area caters to a wide range of skier and snowboarder experience levels. The overall terrain has 35% Beginner slops, 35% Intermediate runs and 30% Advanced runs. The Mitsumata area is used to access Kagura, the highest part of the mountain which is the best area for tree skiing, off-piste and backcountry skiing. The Kagura Gondola run is one of the longest beginner courses in the area, reaching around 8 km in total. With green runs from the top of the Gondola back to the Mitsumata Ropeway. Mitsumata is an excellent mountain for beginners.


Heavy snowfall in Kagura ski area

Kagura is the powder capital of the area, with loads of back and side country runs and plenty of tree skiing available. Beyond Kagura, the southern portion of the mountain, is Tashiro, the largest of the ski areas and as mentioned interconnects with the Naeba ski area, via the Dragondola.

Kagura Ski resort is 8km southwest of Yuzawa, which is an easy 175km North West of Tokyo. The shinkansen will drop you at Echigo-Yuzawa station easily accessable from Tokyo taking all of 90 minutes. Kagura Mitsumata Cottage is a further 10 min drive in a car or 25 minutes by local bus.



(This information is based on the data collected from SnowJapan, Kagura Mitsumata Cottage web site and general Kagura Regional information.)

*For more information, please click the official site of Karura ski resort as follow:


Question two:

What is the advantage of Kagura ski area compared to other ski areas such as Yuzawa, Myoko-kogen, and Hakuba?

The quality of the powder snow, The length of the ski season, Ease of access from Tokyo via Shinkansen, The wide range of experiences levels in the runs for skiers and snowboarders.

Ski resort comparisons at a glance:

Kagura Yuzawa Myoko-kogen Hakuba
Distance from Tokyo 213km 200km 304km 283km
Travel methods

(souce from Google maps)

By car
3 hour drive via the express waysBy train
1 hour 30 mins on the Shinkansen and 20 mins on the bus
By car
2 hour and 45 min drive via the express waysBy train
 1 hour 30 mins on the Shinkansen
By car
4 hour drive via the express waysBy train
2 hours and 50 mins with a train change
By car
4 hour drive via the express waysBy train
3 hours with a train change
Ski season Nov 23 , 2019 until May 24, 2020  Dec 14 , 2019 until May 6, 2020 Dec 21 , 2019 until Mar 14, 2020 Late Nov, 2019 until early May 24, 2020
Experience gradings


Beginner – 35%
Intermediate – 35%
Advanced – 30%
Beginner – 35%
Intermediate – 45%
Advanced – 20%
Beginner – 50%
Intermediate – 30%
Advanced – 20%
Beginner – 30%
Intermediate – 50%
Advanced – 20%

Question three:

What’s the selling point of the hotel?


Kagura Mitsumata Cottage is located adjacent to the Mitsumata Ropeway and Kagura ski area. We offer comfortable Japanese style rooms all of which have mountain views.

The rooms are traditional Japanese style tatami, with warm and comfortable futons. The rooms are heated in winter and come with fans in summer. Toilets and bathrooms are shared. The hotel offers communal areas – large dinning room, cosy sitting room and tatami mat relaxing room, together with a spacious drying room and ski store area and onsen. Free Wi-Fi is available in the public areas (front office, sitting room and dining room).


The hotel is a 10 minute drive from Echigo Yuzawa Shinkansen station. From Tokyo it is just over an hour by shinkansen or about 3 hours driving via the expressway.

 The Mitsumata Ropeway is a 2 minute walk from the hotel , with plenty of options for ski and board hire along the way

 At the end of the street is the Mitsumata visitor centre showcasing local produce and souvenirs, and across the road from it is “Kaido no yu onsen”, perfect for a soak at the end of a big Japan powder day!

 During the summer months, Mitsumata, Kagura and Tashiro are perfect for hiking, with trails catering for beginners through to experienced hikers. In July, Naeba, hosts the Fuji Rock Festival, the largest rock festival in Japan.

Recreation room

Guest demographic of the hotel is as follow:

(including Expats)
Taiwan 10.7%
China 8.5%
Australia 7.3%
Hong Kong 4.8%
Singapore 3.4%
Thailand 2.9%
USA 2.7%
Great Britain 1.4%
Malaysia 1.0%
Other 4.7%

Question four:

Could you describe more about the operation of the hotel?


The hotel was purchased from the original owner in 2017 and opened for guests under the name of Kagura Mitsumata Cottages in January 2018. Under the original owner the hotel focused on local Japanese skiers. The new focus is a combination of Japanese and ex-pat skiers together with inbound tourist skiers and holiday makers.

Guest room

While the surrounding ski area season`s run from late December to late March. The Kagura season runs from late November to the end of May, an extension of 3 months, over the other areas. Since relaunching, the hotel`s name and reputation has become known in the market with back to back “Traveller Review Awards”. This brand awareness is complimented with increases in occupancy and income between seasons. When looking at the most recent figures, December 2019 compared to December 2018 showed a 29% growth in occupancy and a 84% growth in income. While January 2019 compared to January 2018 showed a 42% in growth occupancy and 107% growth in income.

During July and October, the Kagura ski area opens its plastic snow and mountain biking areas. These are new areas and there is a growing interest in these activities. Currently Kagura Mitsumata Cottages has only opened for the ski season and Fuji Rock, with these new activates becoming more popular opportunities are opening up to extend the hotels opening times. Fuji Rock is another important activity in the local area. It is a 3-day music festival held 10kms away at the Naeba Prince hotel, typially attracting 100,000 attendees and a wide range of local and international artists.


Question five:

Any comments or advices to a potential buyer?

Kagura Mitsumata Cottage currently provides accommodation and breakfast only. The provision of additional services such as a dinner service to guests and outside customers and ski rental are alternative potential income streams. Additionally, the hotel`s size lends itself to hosting school groups and corporate retreats during the summer months which is a service provided by other hotel in the area.


2. Comments from Tokyu Resort

Kagura area map

In addition to the comments from the owner, please note the following selling points of “Kagura MitsumataCottage”.

・Due to Kagura’s high altitude (about 1,800m),  the Kagura ski resort received more snowfall than other ski resorts near “Echigo Yuzawa” or “Gala Yuzawa” station, which will minimize the risk of “warm winter”.

・You will exposed to traditional Japanese culture in Yuzawa area.  JR “Echigo Yuzawa” station has a special sake tasting room (“Ponsh-kan”) with over one hundred sake. We would recommend to spare some time to visiting “Kaikake Onsen”, renown for one of the hidden onsen in natural surroundings.  It takes about 10 min by car to get there from the hotel, and you can relieve fatigue in the indoor onsen and open-air-bath.

・Kagura Mitsumata Hotel is currently operated by Peter and his wife. With more man-power, we believed that the hotel has a lot of potential ways to increase revenue, such as serving dinner for non-guests.

For more picture or information of the hotel, please visit our web site below.

Kagura Mitsumata Cottage


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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