We introduce Hakone, which is well-known as a hot spring district.
Just by hearing its name, some of you may recall steam and a steep mountain path. The area has healed many travelers for a long time, and it now entertains a lot of tourists who like Onsen. In addition, it is very popular as a resort area. 
We asked Hakone branch manager Sato about how the area enchants and entertains you.

How to Enjoy Hakone Area

Hakone has been famous as a resort area since Meiji period, and the whole area has been known a hot spring resort. Particularly, ” Hakone 17 hot springs” is a popular hot spring hopping among hot spring enthusiasts. From a transparent simple hot spring to milky-white hot water, it is pride of having various spring qualities. There are lots of people attracted by this comfort, and the number of foreign tourists recently has increased.

The mountains of complicated molding change a color with the four seasons, and people even call them “The mountains of Hakone are the most precipitous in the country”. They delight people’s eyes and let us feel the beauty and greatness of nature.

There are more charms of Hakone, for instance, plenty of museums. The themes of them are various, such as museums related to masterpieces, the modern figurative arts and music boxes with delicate works. By looking, touching and listening to them, you could probably develop your sense which may be different from what you feel every day.

Many High-Class Golf Clubs, Beautiful Scenic Spots, and Great Places for types of Outdoor Activities

People tend to be attracted by indoor activities in Hakone including museums and hot springs of it. However, you should not forget its distinguished golf clubs. Each of them has a green in good condition and varied courses. The golf clubs must be where golf enthusiasts want to play.

Furthermore, Hakone has Onshi-Hakone Park, Komagatake, Owakudani, autumn Sengokuhara highland, Nagaotoge, and Mt. Taikansan chosen as the 50 selections of Kanagawa picturesque sceneries. Why don’t you visit them and enjoy breathtaking natural landscapes? If you like hiking, you must be impressed by the view of Mt. Fuji from the top of Mt. Kintoki. There are some visitors who visit there for many times to see its different faces according to the seasons and time of the day.

Characteristics of those who choose Hakone area

What we have heard from lots of owners of cottages in Hakone are that they want to enjoy playing golf and to relax in various kinds of hot springs.

Touching on the charms of Hakone and visiting it for several times, many people seem to want to have a cottage in this place. One of the reason why they choose Hakone is that it is located near central Tokyo.

Gora is especially great access by using trains and cable cars. Some who want to enjoy hot springs drop in the area on weekends.

Tips for Finding an Ideal Cottage in Hakone to You

First, we suggest you make clear what you want to do in Hakone.

As examples, do you want to use a cottage as a base of golf? Or, do you relax in hot springs?
Depending on your purposes, we can recommend cottages in suitable areas for you.

Hakone has 11 resort areas in all, including Hakone Myoujindai, Sengokuhara and Gora. Inside Some of the areas are flat, others are relatively sloping. So, we suggest you select the best place to you with considering means of traffic.
Those areas have plenty of condominiums having a large public bath. If you look for a detached a single-family home, you may need some procedures for the bath.

Secondly, what we introduce to you depends on some things including whether you want to settle into a cottage and to keep a pet. We would like to ask you to let us know about them in advance.

Cottages in Hakone have ample parking space, so you can use a car without any inconvenience. However, it would take time to get used to driving mountain roads. So, we recommend selecting where you can get by train if you are unsure whether you can do it.

Our sales staff being familiar with Hakone provides you with such information which you never know until you live. Please feel free to ask us about it.

What Hakone attracts Foreigners

There are a number of attractive points in Hakone. Hakone has a Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, which is one of the national parks in Japan. You must be fascinated by the nature of it and can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Mt. Fuji in combination with Lake Ashi.

Secondly, Hakone has a long history and it is shown in Japanese-style hotels called “ryokan” and Hakone shrine which stands at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Finally, hot springs in Hakone are amazing as you know. They are ones of the nearest hot springs to Tokyo area enough to be able to go on a day trip. We also recommend going on an overnight trip and fully enjoying the hot springs.

For your reference, what many foreigners ask for information about is those between 35,000,000 to 60,000,000 yen. If you would like to purchase a luxury one, we would be also able to introduce you some that are 100,000,000 yen or more. In addition, we can offer you hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style hotels) as well.

Therefore, Hakone Branch offers plenty of historic real estate according to your needs. Moreover, they give you a detailed explanation of Hakone’s characteristics and what to consider at time of purchase.

We will make efforts in fully supporting your full life in a resort with being aware of the needs of both those planning to purchase a new cottage and those considering replacement or resale. If you have any questions about cottages in Hakone, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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